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10 personal finance experts to follow on Twitter

Being financially literate and knowing the rules of money management can help you make your income work harder and get the most out of your savings.

Here are some personal finance experts to follow on Twitter for advice and tips.

1. Bread of wisdom

Twitter ID: @sagebread
Subscribers: 73,000+

From student loans to retirement plans, Wise Bread offers some great advice. Whether you’re looking for cost-effective home improvement ideas or looking for alternatives to expensive drugs, this is a great Twitter account to follow.

2. Get rich slowly

Twitter ID: @getrichslowly
Subscribers: 66,000+

The namesake blog was named Money Magazine’s Most Inspirational Money Blog. The handful shares interesting interviews with advice from millionaires to debt management experts.

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3. Nicole Lapin

Twitter ID: @NicoleRabin
Subscribers: 52,000+

Rabbit is the bestselling author of “Rich Bitch”. This financial reporter has had articles published by various sites including CNN, CNBC and Bloomberg.

4. GOBankingRate

Twitter ID: @GOBankingRates
Subscribers: 36,000+

This has a good mix of investment advice and personal finance advice. From crypto trading and stock management to knowing about unemployment benefits, you will find a wide range of information here.

5. John Schmoll

Twitter ID: @FrugalRules
Subscribers: 32,000+

From comparing streaming TV services to listing jobs for specific skills, this is an interesting trail to follow. You can also find tips for saving money while shopping.

6. David Ning

Twitter ID: @MoneyNing
Subscribers: 18,000+

You can follow this handle for advice on how to manage your finances to achieve financial freedom and plan for a financially secure retirement.

7. Kimberly Palmer

Twitter ID: @KimberlyPalmer
Subscribers: 14,000+

Follow this writer to learn more about credit cards and banking services. Palmer’s tweets focus on using credit cards, rewards programs, getting by on a budget, and choosing the right bank account.

8. Mélanie Lockert

Twitter ID: @ MélanieLockert
Subscribers: over 11,000

Lockert is a freelance writer and has been writing on finance and general welfare for several years. In addition to advice on personal finances, take advantage of the quality of well-being of his tweets.

9. Cameron Huddleston

Twitter ID: @CHLebedinsky
Subscribers: over 8,000

Huddleston is an award-winning personal finance journalist and speaker. You can get advice on unique jobs and salary negotiations, and get insight into how to handle your family’s finances.

10. GE_Miller

Twitter ID: @GE_Miller
Subscribers: 2,500+

Get updates on taxes, homeowner assistance, and bank accounts here. You can also read about credit and purchase offers.

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