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Transform Live 2021

Get ready to ignite all areas of your life and take it to the next level. Transform U Live is a 3-day live event that helps you clear up confusion, unblock yourself, and teach you how to build your dream life.

Today, Stephen scoggins announces the official launch of Transform yourself live – a massive event in personal development this year. Transform U Live is designed to give a playbook, and more importantly, the courage to use it. In order to build unstoppable momentum, it’s important to understand one thing: Every day that goes without following a proven roadmap to success is another day when personal dreams and aspirations slip through the cracks.

“You are not alone in the fight and Transform U Live is here to teach you a comprehensive playbook that takes the fear and uncertainty out of building a life you love.” – Stephen Scoggins

Stephen scoggins, Founder of The Journey Principles Institute is an entrepreneur who has paved the way for long-term success in his countless endeavors in the business world. Encountering unique adversities from a young age led him to muster the courage to build a hardworking work ethic that would guide him in all areas of his life. Stephen is a best-selling author, award-winning multi-business entrepreneur with multi-8-figure earnings, motivational speaker and the creator of the exclusive Life-Mastery Framework affectionately named “Transform U”.

“Who should attend this personal development event? “

1. An emerging leader who is thirsty to create a legacy that survives.

2. Entrepreneur or professional who knows that real success is not measured in dollars but in using resources to make a difference.

“What kind of value can participants expect to gain? “

1. A deep understanding of the fundamentals that transform everything around them

2. A comprehensive strategy to evolve your life, your business and your impact

3. An overview of how people got to where they are and how to use it to propel themselves forward

4. Clearly defined immediate action steps to achieve the best leverage

5. An action plan to build a legacy that survives them

“Why Transform U Live is so effective”

The reason is simple. The audience. The reason that other programs may not have worked for people is because they do not take into account their personal history, challenges, adversity, setbacks or desires, desires and specific dreams.

The reason Transform U Live has been so successful for their students is that they teach how to build the program with the individual in mind and give them the courage to use it.

“What people have to say about Transform U Live”

“I can’t say enough about how Transform U drastically changed me. At first I was nervous about the cost, but now that I’ve followed the process the benefits I’ve reaped have. far exceeded any fears I originally had. There is just something special to learn from those who have been through this before. ” – Courtney Mitchell.

“When you take action in your giving, really, really in your giving, it’s a great thing to live out even the smallest part of your true purpose and this team can help you finally get there.” – The Longs

“I really thought I could build a meaningful life on my own, after all I had two decades of experience. I lacked so much to really get there. It can be hard to have the humility to do it. ‘admit you need it clarity and direction, but once I do, I finally love the life I lead. ” -Trey Wilkins

Everyone deserves more

Make no mistake, we all want freedom … The freedom to choose our own path, the freedom to thrive, but most of all, the freedom to live a life that is deeply passionate and meaningful.

The problem is, despite all the grinding, pushing, and chasing, most of us never fully capitalize on the opportunities available to us, and most of us never end up creating a life. extraordinary.

And, the craziest thing is, it just happens because we don’t know any better. Succeeding in life doesn’t have to be too complex, nor does it have to be consuming.

The most successful people on the planet all use a deeply personalized playbook in order to achieve amazing results. Good playbooks always have three main anchors: clarity, direction, and intentional focus.

If someone’s life is at a crossroads and they want to take the ultimate path to fulfillment, then don’t let another day pass stuck in “What if” and lean into “What Might”. to be “.

Transform U Live is the only immersive event that describes step by step the next steps towards a life that makes everyone smile instead of frustrating them.

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