Personal development

Why pro bono service is valuable for professional and personal development

By Jhonell Campbell, Legal Counsel at T. Rowe Price and Member of the Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service (MVLS) Board of Directors. Northampton, MA –News Direct – T. Rowe Award Jhonell Campbell, Legal Counsel at T. Rowe Price Many law students are eager to use their skills after graduation, but they often miss a meaningful opportunity […]

Personal development

Nudity, psychodrama: within the secret organization of personal development, Real Education

Not so deep in a Brisbane Reddit thread, an article raises some interesting questions about a personal development organization called Real Education. Our curiosity was aroused and the investigation began. When we started talking with former participants, we heard stories about transformation, psychodrama, breathing and baring in the forest. Our conversations with the participants and […]

Personal finance

The College offers workshops on personal finance to students

With the low rate of undergraduate financial literacy, Ithaca College offers personal finance workshops to help students understand interest rates, taxes, budgeting, and loans, among others. Steven Novakovic, instructor in the Department of Finance and International Affairs, started the Personal finance clinic for students provide experience for students in the Wealth Management concentration at the […]