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4 financial reasons for choosing Fullerton India personal loan

In recent years, taking credit online has made it possible for potential borrowers to avail personal loans digitally. Personal loans in themselves are a very convenient form of financing. And then adding online platforms to the mix makes it that much easier. Nowadays, several lenders in the market offer loans online. Some financial institutions are stepping up a gear and also introducing loan applications. Fullerton India personal loan application is the perfect example.

Fullerton India personal loans are unsecured, or rather unsecured loans. Considering its fast-paced nature, it helps you meet urgent financial needs. Under such loans, borrowers have the flexibility to choose the use they want to make of it. They can be used for anything since personal loans have no end use restriction. Some of the main reasons borrowers take out personal loans will be discussed in detail below.

Debt consolidation

People generally have more than one debt channel. Nowadays, this is normal as credit cards and loans have become more accessible. Although their use is simplistic, the refund can be tricky due to the transactions made with different parties. Each of your debts will likely have different EMIs and interest rates. It can be difficult to keep up with them all. To ease such a situation, personal loans can be used to pay off all your other debts. This way, your other debts will be paid off and you will only have one flow to repay. This will make managing your finances a lot easier and may even be profitable.

To estimate whether it will be more profitable, you can use a personal loan balance transfer calculator. It is a great tool that can help you assess your financial situation. Hence, allowing a more precise search for a loan offer that meets all your needs.


Quality education, especially in private institutions or abroad, is certainly an investment and comes at a high price. To finance these costs, people often resort to student loans. But student loans have very strict eligibility criteria and may not cover some costs. A personal loan is however the appropriate solution to the difficulties of financing higher education. It is a good alternative for student loans as it is provided to the parent or guardian of the student based on the eligibility of the student.

tutor, can be obtained more quickly, has competitive interest rates and requires very little documentation. To get the best and most affordable interest rate, research thoroughly and compare several lenders before selecting one.


Having the wedding of your dreams can be quite an expensive event. And no one would want to compromise when it comes to this important day. You deserve all your wishes for this special day to be fulfilled. To enable the same, couples (or parents of engaged couples) can take out personal loans and finance wedding expenses. You can make the most of your day and then comfortably repay the loan between 12 and 60 months.

One-off expenses

For the most part, one-time expenses are large sums of money and it is not sustainable to have cash at all times. Taking out a personal loan for this purpose can be very helpful as it alleviates the burden of financing something and having to compromise on quality. Here are 2 one-time expenses that are so important that people usually need funding for:

  • Home renovations and improvements are a huge expense and require a large reserve of cash to finance it. But naturally, many people may not have the necessary funds. For home renovations in particular, you may be saving, but it can often be insufficient. The funds you save are usually insufficient due to the simple fact that the estimates given in the quotes are not always exact. When architects, interior designers, and contractors assess a space, they only see problems at the surface level. Often during working time they find much more to fix, which is mostly unavoidable. These new additions naturally require more money. Borrowing funds through a personal loan can very conveniently present you with the solution to a lack of cash during renovations. It helps you pay the costs in comfortable installments.
  • Paying for transportation and new vehicles is a big expense. If you are considering purchasing a branded used four wheeler from a dealership, you will likely get a lower interest rate and lower monthly payments than secured loans. An unsecured loan, such as a personal loan, meets your need for cash.

Visit the Fullerton India website (salaried and self-employed applicants) or download the Fullerton India Instaloan app (for salaried applicants only) to instantly qualify for a personal loan. Also benefit from attractive interest rates and instant disbursement. Submit your application today!

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