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A lifetime subscription to this powerful personal development app is on sale for 90% off

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TL; DR: A lifetime subscription to Mentorist Pro is on sale for £40.28, saving you 90% off the list price.

Self-improvement is difficult. You may have goals for your job, but it’s hard to find the energy to achieve them. You may know what books to read to get your bearings in life, but finding the time for it can be a challenge if you’re already working. Instead of waiting for more time and energy to manifest, you can try Mentorist Pro. With their lifetime subscription, you can get summaries of top-selling books on business, leadership, and personal development, along with actionable steps to apply what you’ve learned to your life. For a limited time, a lifetime subscription with Mentorist Pro is just £40.28, which is 90% off.

Mentorist Pro isn’t like reading the back cover summaries you may have seen on books trying to sell themselves to potential readers. These leave out important details, and because of that, they’re probably not helpful if you’re trying to get the meat of a text quickly. What Mentorist does differently is that it gives you a library of over 200 bestsellers in 11 genres, and each has a comprehensive summary that can give you the main ideas of the text. These genres include business, productivity, psychology, science, marketing, lifestyle, health, creativity, and billionaires. That’s not where it ends though.

The mentor could also help you apply what you have learned to your own life. Learn how to directly implement the teachings of these bestsellers using the actionable steps Mentorist offers you. Learn how to view your progress, set daily and weekly reminders to get things done, collect points for completing activities, and earn badges and levels as you progress. It is a playful vision of personal growth.

Perhaps the most useful tool for your personal growth could be a quick, guided way to apply what you’ve learned, and this app could fill that niche for you for life. For a limited time, get a lifetime subscription to Mentorist Pro on sale for £40.28.

Mentorship Announcement

Mentorship Announcement

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