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Aaron Doughty talks about spiritual growth and personal development

– Photo courtesy of Aaron Doughty / Ascend Agency

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Our world right now has changed enormously; the rate at which things change, evolve and evolve is faster than ever. Capitalism, practical life and everything that goes with it, work, money, savings and all the rest, has almost made people believe that the world is like this and to survive you have to join the mad race. . There is nothing wrong with living a practical life; However, most people tend to ignore it when it comes to mental and spiritual freedom.

Training your thoughts, calming your mind, and sitting down with the idea of ​​enhancing your spiritual self is something that many consider old and unworthy of their time. Aaron Doughty is a spiritual teacher and thought leader – he considered the practical aspects of life and work 9-5. Eventually he realized there was a better goal for him, so he left that life and moved on to something new.

Working at a 9 to 5 job selling women’s shoes, Aaron thought like the others around him: that this was the world and that we had to find a job and live in it. However, Aaron realized that a 9-5 wasn’t quite what he wanted for himself, and he figured there could be more in his life. The first leg was very difficult for Aaron; there was no security, people judged him and he was afraid of getting stuck.

Aaron then discovered the “law of subtraction,” and she dictated that in order to live happier and more abundant lives rather than adding things, we had to let things go. This is where the change happened. He let go of ideas, emotions and the fear of being judged. Aaron realized he needed to change his thoughts and even his identity. He then started making YouTube videos in 2017 on spiritual teachings and mental states.

While he started making these videos while doing his 9-5, it only took 3 weeks for his content to gain traction, and he found himself with a lot of viewers, and in just 6 months , Aaron had an incredible 100,000 subscribers. It was then that he left his job to devote himself full time to Youtube. Aaron currently has over 1,000,000 Youtube subscribers, over a million views on Youtube and an impressive 362,000 followers on Instagram.

Now Aaron is a spiritual teacher, but he’s very grounded and practical. He does not dismiss the practical aspects of life as most spiritual teachers do. When speaking of wisdom, Aaron says that your self-image is flexible and you shouldn’t let the past dictate to you because you can always change it. Aaron has helped thousands of people quit their 9 to 5 jobs and pursue something they love full time.

Aaron has goals for the future and he foresees his brand bringing people together in terms of spirituality and personal development from all over the world. He also wants to continue to travel the world as he does now, meet new people and help improve the lives of millions of people, helping them become the best versions of themselves.