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ASU Alumni Association launches new personal development series

March 1, 2021

The ASU Alumni Association is dedicated to creating programs and opportunities for alumni to learn and grow while supporting and showcasing their fellow Sun Devils. That’s why the association recently launched a series of personal development programs and workshops focused on finances, diet and fitness to help the Sun Devils.

ASU Alumni Association Vice President Alissa Serignese said that in a recent survey alumni ranked their interests according to what is most important to them and these three areas were at the top of the list.

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“The Sun Devils want to be healthy,” she said. “We want to grow physically, mentally and financially.”

Through these virtual workshops, alumni can learn about financial success, health and fitness while engaging with college and other alumni. ASU has a strong network of alumni who are experts and business owners in these three areas and can help educate and support their fellow Sun Devils.

“We hope to see the alumni connect to their alma mater and stay engaged,” said Serignese. “Nothing is better than Sun Devils connecting with other Sun Devils.”

One alumnus who is a financial guru is Emily Schwartz, who has an MA and PhD in music education, and is an assistant vice president and head of financial education at MidFirst Bank. MidFirst is ASU’s exclusive strategic banking partner and provides numerous services, resources and support to the university. In 2012, MidFirst launched MoneyMoments at ASU – a program that started out as a few workshops for select groups of students and has grown into a mainstream financial education program. Their new series for ASU is called Making Smart Money Moves.

“I see this new series (Making Smart Money Moves) as a further extension of MoneyMoments resources, and I’m more than excited to meet Sun Devil alumni from across the country,” said Schwartz.

For MidFirst, the series was the perfect opportunity to continue their commitment to helping the Sun Devils achieve their financial goals. During the Making Smart Money Moves sessions, Schwartz shares his advice to alumni on achieving their financial goals.

“MidFirst’s commitment to ASU students doesn’t end with graduation; we want them to thrive in all aspects of their lives, including their finances, ”she said.

Some topics covered in the series include debt avoidance and management, budgeting, and savings. Schwartz and MidFirst Bank recognize that each Sun Devil can define financial success differently.

“Whatever your financial goals, MidFirst Bank, the MoneyMoments program (and the Making Smart Money Moves series) want to help you achieve them.”

Schwartz session attendees are sure to come away with plenty of advice, but they will also feel a sense of community.

“Money can seem like a very lonely thing,” she said, “especially if we are in trouble and feel like we are the only ones with this particular problem.”

With Making Smart Money Moves, Sun Devils who share the goal of improving their financial lives can participate virtually and learn together.

There are many sessions for the Sun Devils to learn more about fitness and food. In January, former ASU student and GROOV3 dance teacher Saza Kent, with a BA in Dance Teaching and an MA in Dance, led a Fitness class. Participants virtually joined the class and learned how to have fun while staying fit.

The Alumni Association also runs a series called #FoodieFriday where every two months a restaurant owned or operated by Sun Devil is highlighted. Participants can meet the alum behind the business and learn how to make a recipe from the restaurant menu. The first #FoodieFriday was greeted by Sasha Bayat, Bachelor of Nutrition graduate, owner of Bodhi. The next session will feature Tim Vasquez, alumnus of the bachelor’s degree in communication, owner of Someburros.

Register now for the next Making Smart Money Moves session on March 9, and to rejoin March 19 #FoodieFriday.

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