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Board of Directors highlights “exceptional personal development” of an Espanola graduate

“Dean McNichol wowed his school entourage with his resilience,” said the Conseil scolaire catholique Nouvelon

Students are generally distinguished by their academic performance and their contributions to their school. However, during his four years at La Renaissance Catholic High School (Espanola), it was mainly for his remarkable efforts that Dean McNichol stood out among the promotion.

Having gone through many hardships during his life, Dean has surprised those around him with his resilience. While many would have resigned themselves to their fate, his open-mindedness and positivism allowed him to overcome obstacles with great maturity and motivation. His personal development has been exceptional.

Dean controls his personal path in life. This year, he found his place in a cooperative education internship (COOP) that will soon become his job during his post-secondary studies. Dean is an exemplary model of determination and resilience. The Lynxes are extremely proud of the progress this student has made.

Congratulations Dean!


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