Debt – how to deal with it?

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Sudden life situations, such as illness or job loss, affect your home budget. Often, they also require loans. Loss of current liquidity may result in debt that we often don’t know how to handle. Fortunately, we can use the help of experienced companies that help you get out of debt. How do they do that

Debt is a financial problem that affects quality and comfort of life. Importantly, this situation often occurs as a result of random events. All you need is an illness of a loved one, unexpected expenses, a change in exchange rates, and even frauds. We are not able to predict all the circumstances that may happen to us in the future, which is why even taking a mortgage is risk-bearing.

Not to mention that without proper knowledge and vigilance, and overestimating your financial capabilities, it is easy to fall into a spiral of obligations. Fortunately, there are debt servicing companies on the market whose advisors help solve the financial problem in the most rational way and suited to the household budget.

The Nederas Loan company – we can help you with your debt!

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Large and unexpected expenses can cause financial problems, which we often try to solve by taking loans. Lack of appropriate knowledge and vigilance can aggravate the problem and in the long run lead to bailiff execution.

The first delay in debt repayment should be an alarm signal, mobilizing you to seek support. Help is provided by a debt servicing company: if it’s Nederas Loan, you’ll get comprehensive professional help. Why? A few years ago, the Nederas Loan Group initiated a pro-settlement approach to getting out of debt and changed how debt collection companies are perceived today.

Nederas Loan SA has been operating since 2008 and, according to data from the first quarter of 2019, it handles almost 5 million cases in Poland. Over the past several years, it has become an international financial group, currently operating on the Polish, Romanian, Czech, Slovak, German, Italian and Spanish markets. We offer a comprehensive, flexible and integrated service package to indebted persons, which gives them favorable repayment terms. We approach with understanding and empathy, which is why we effectively help out of financial problems. There is only one condition: we encourage you to talk. Thanks to it we will find the right way to get out of debt.

If you have a problem with excessive debt, you cannot cope with paying installments on time, or you still have insufficient funds at the end of the month, follow the course with Nederas Loan. Thanks to it you will learn how to manage your home budget and how to organize your finances efficiently. The “Live without debts” course is available online.

How to get out of debt?

To get out of debt, you must first acknowledge that you have a problem. Most often serious debts occur by ignoring the fact and pretending (including before family and friends) that there is no debt, which increases the amount of liabilities. Ignoring correspondence or telephones is a very bad solution.

Documents, including urgent ones, which you get to your postal address contain the most important information, i.e. what is the basis of the debt, where did the debt come from and what is its amount. They also include the account number and the date of payment. In addition, you will find a case number in writing that will be useful when talking to a financial advisor.

We are aware that indebted people do not have funds to pay them off immediately, which is why we recommend contacting the creditor each time. During the conversation you will get real help – e.g. spreading the debt into installments .

Why should you contact a debt management company right away? In this way you will avoid stress and additional costs resulting from court proceedings, bailiff enforcement or a negative entry in the business information office. Therefore, we repeat: the best solution is generally an agreement on debt repayment and signing a settlement.

Settlement with Nederas Loan

Debt servicing companies urge you to sign a settlement, we do the same at Nederas Loan SA To encourage even more talks with us, we have created a special bonus program “Dreams with a guarantee of fulfillment”. It is addressed only to those persons who have a settlement with the Nederas Loan Group. The program consists in the fact that each zloty paid turns into a point, then the points can be exchanged for prizes.

The popularity of the program is demonstrated by the number of participants, which currently reaches over 50,000. The awards are kitchen appliances, electronics, household appliances and other practical accessories and devices useful in the household.

Importantly, at every stage of the case, you have access to current information about your debt. On the online platform, you can quickly and conveniently view the status of your payments, and even generate documents such as an agreement on favorable and matching conditions. Through the platform you have the option of paying off installments using online payments, thanks to which there is a risk of late transfer, which can generate unfavorable interest.