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Pre-Approved Personal Loan Quick Guide on How to Take Advantage of Pre-Approved Offers

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Bajaj Finserv, through its lending arm Bajaj Finance Limited, offers pre-approved loans to existing customers for quick access to personal finance. With this, customers now have a better borrowing experience. Gone are the days when loan applications were only made at a physical branch and the whole process took several hours. Today, thanks to digital advancements, customers can get funds in just 30 minutes* and without any hassle.

Unique and exclusive to existing customers, lenders like Bajaj Finance Limited are expanding pre-approved loan offers to provide a more intuitive and personalized borrowing experience. A pre-approved loan is an ideal borrowing tool for people looking for easy or urgent funds. By availing a pre-approved loan from Bajaj Finserv, borrowers can avail up to Rs. 10,000,000.

These loans are ideal for short-term goals and usually have terms tailored to the profile of the borrower. As such, pre-approved offers are generally the best unsecured offers available in the market for a customer’s profile. In some cases, some lenders may even offer special rates and discounts on fees and other charges. In addition, these offers have been designed to be easily accessible. Here is a quick guide on how to qualify for a pre-approved personal loan.

How to get a pre-approved personal loan offer

Typically, the process to qualify for a pre-approved personal loan begins with customers checking to see if they have a valid offer. Here, customers only need to log in to the lender’s dedicated online customer portal or check out the smartphone app. Customers who qualify for pre-approved offers can then proceed by following this checklist.

1. Check the terms of the loan

2. Check applicable fees and charges

3. Accept the pre-approved offer

4. Authorize the disbursement and wait for the funds to be deposited in the bank account

Depending on the lender or financial institution, this process may vary. However, customers can expect a simpler, more streamlined and hassle-free experience when using pre-approved offers. These instruments are designed to offer quick funds to eligible clients, which is why it is easy to access. In fact, this benefit is one of the reasons to avail of a pre-approved personal loan. Here are the other reasons why these loans are a good idea.
• Eliminates the need to apply for a loan
• Paperless procedure
• Instant financing solution
• Exclusive offers with flexible conditions

Knowing how to get a pre-approved personal loan is important because lenders frequently offer such deals to their long-time customers. Note that these offers are only available for a limited time and will change depending on the customer’s credit and financial profile. In all cases, clients should compare offers before accepting or authorizing disbursement to ensure they are getting the best deal. One offering with leading digital features is the Bajaj Finserv Personal Loan.

Customers with pre-approved offers can access a hefty penalty and a competitive interest rate. Customers also benefit from a term of up to 60 months. The long duration makes it an ideal option for customers looking to prioritize affordability. It ensures that repayment never becomes a burden, as long as borrowers plan their loan in advance. Moreover, the entire process to avail this loan is digital and can be completed in just a few minutes.

In fact, Bajaj Finserv ensures quick disbursement of pre-approved personal loan offers. Customers benefit from a competitive interest rate and can have the penalty paid into their account in just 4 hours. Also, some clients can avail this pre-approved loan by filling an application 100% online without submitting any documents. These customers can get the money in their accounts as early as 30 minutes.

Bajaj Finserv offers pre-approved personal loans to existing salaried and self-employed customers. The lender also offers pre-approved loans to select new customers. To take advantage of these advantages, consult the pre-approved personal loan offer in a few clicks and borrow efficiently.

*Terms and conditions apply.

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