Renovation of an apartment in Polish – where to get the money for it?

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According to Poles, spring and summer periods are the best time to start renovation, especially since it usually (unfortunately) coincides with holidays. If you believe the report based on the Jerry platform survey results, as many as 83% of respondents plan to renovate the apartment during this period. However, this is a service that brings together people planning renovation work at home, so the percentage indicated does not indicate what percentage of our compatriots are planning to carry out renovation at all.

How are we renovating?

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Apart from minor interior design changes, the renovation of the apartment is rare enough that a large proportion of renovators decide on a thorough renovation of the whole apartment or one room, but from scratch. Most people also plan to refurbish the flat to a high standard, but not luxuriously. To this end, it will rather count on mid-price products from large DIY and furniture stores.

Similarly, choosing a repair crew – they are usually employees on recommendation and are rather at average prices. We do not always decide on a complete change, which involves the replacement of equipment (usually built-in home appliances, if this is also changed) and furniture. The room is completely replaced mainly in rooms such as the bathroom and toilet.

What renovation costs should I take into account?

A lot depends on whether the whole apartment is being renovated or only one or two rooms. The size of the apartment and the degree of renovation are also extremely important. For the average cost of renovating the entire apartment with an area of ​​about 60 square meters, warehouses and industry services take a price range of USD 25-45 thousand.

The greatest savings can be gained by doing renovation yourself. It should also be noted that the costs also include the replacement of doors and windows. While the former can be purchased relatively cheaply, replacement of windows will cost several thousand zlotys, so you can also achieve considerable savings here. Unfortunately, the above estimates do not include equipment or replacement of sanitary facilities. Meanwhile, they can be the most expensive to renovate, especially when it comes to kitchen renovation. This, according to some calculations, can cost from a dozen to several dozen thousand zlotys, if you include the costs of equipment (stove, oven, dishwasher, fridge), built-in furniture and labor costs.

Where can we find money for renovation?

If we assume that you want to borrow 6.5 thousand zlotys for renovation resulting from Provident research, it will not be a problem to finance it even with a payday loan, if you are sure that such amount can be repaid after the most 65 days. A similar loan is available from Jaisah Cash (up to USD 6,000) and can be used by even new customers. We also borrow comparable amounts at Vivus – USD 7,500 and Loan Plus – USD 8,000. Unfortunately, to count on this amount of cash, you must be a regular customer of these companies.