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Skills and personal development back on the agenda in companies, a boost for S&B Automotive

Photo © Tim Gander 2019

With the UK labor market extremely active, companies are discovering that to retain staff, they need to be trained and rewarded. That’s good news for S&B Automotive, a leading automotive training provider, which has seen orders for refresher courses and CPD-based courses in high demand since the new year.

Hosts of the IRTE Skills Challenge, a competition for coach and bus apprentices and technicians, S&B has emerged from the pandemic leaner and fitter, encouraged by the industry’s commitment to training staff.

“There’s a lot of interest in apprenticeships again, and sales of short courses have been higher this academic year than they’ve ever been, so that’s really encouraging,” said S&B chief executive Phil Marsh.

As the cost-effective benefits of apprenticeships become evident and students assess their continuing education options, S&B believes the apprenticeship brand has gained credibility and is viewed more broadly, both by young people and workers. who are considering a career change.

“For an apprenticeship you get funding of £15-18,000 plus additional costs which the employer will support you with. You have no debt and a solid foundation to build and develop a career. Also, when you finish your apprenticeship, you have already built a relationship with your employer. People are increasingly aware of the possibilities. Also, historically, you had to go to college to follow certain careers; now you can become a lawyer or an accountant through an apprenticeship. It helped dispel the myth and some of the stigma that sometimes surrounds apprenticeships,” added Phil.

In the automotive sector, individuals use learning to change career direction or take a new step by taking leadership and team management learnings.

“We have some ground to catch up from pre-covid levels, but the future looks extremely bright. We have a lot of interest and the industry is changing rapidly,” said Phil. Click on text highlighted in red here to participate in the IRTE Skills Challenge.