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The Most Profitable Listicle in Personal Finance History! | by Joseph Seifert | March 2022

Every good list Homework come up with an epic starting point. That is undoubtedly the case here today, so allow me to introduce what I believe should be the first investment on everyone’s financial wish list.

IRA Roth

If you guessed it, let me know in the comments.

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Now that we have checked the exchange box, we need dirty and dirty crypto tokens.


This is where we start the mental movies. I have not yet acquired any real estate so from now on I will highlight my future ambitions.

side hustle

Many people don’t see a side hustle or personal business as an investment option. I often fall into this category myself, while most others also believe that an investment should be an exchange of money. For a business, you will most likely be investing money, but you will also be investing another more valuable resource: time. Investing time and money in a business isn’t a surefire way to financial success, but if you manage to create a successful empire, you’ll be way ahead of the pack.

Family bank

This is the fifth and final item on the most profitable list in the history of personal finance.

My goal in bringing this team of “financial avengers” together is to find the best “detention cells” for my money.

Consider these investment options carefully and bring the ones you like with you. Dive head first into the minutia of their unique features and it may even take you somewhere else.